Title speaks for itself. Everyone's child says funny things, because lets face it, kids really do say the darndest things. Kayliana has come up with some strange things from time to time. She can really make an entire room laugh sometimes.

Just a few.. "Kayliana-ism's" to share from recently.

Kayliana: "Mommy, why do we have Chloe's (My friend's daughter) swing?
Me: "We don't, that's our swing"
Kayliana: "Well, it's not very boy-ly"

Willie and I cracked up. I had to explain to her that it's 'boyish' and 'girly.' The reason for her thinking it's Chloe's is that it's pink... yep! My little boy is swinging in a pink swing. Guess that's where "real men can wear pink" comes in?? It used to be Addison's and since I didn't know what I was having, I wasn't about to buy a new swing when ours worked perfectly. Eh, it's not going on vacations with us and it stays in our room, so no big deal to us.

Kayliana: "I want to bring China Snow White"
Me: "China Snow White? What is that?"
Willie: "Why not Canada Snow White?"
Kayliana: "No, she's not a food"
As Willie and I are both giggling....
Willie: "What about Brazil Snow White?"
Kayliana: "No, she's not a drink either!!"

Where do kids come up with these things?

I had the hiccups like crazy yesterday. For some reason they would not go away. Kayliana asked me "Why do you keep hiccing up" as opposed to hiccuping. Crazy girl!

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