Running around

For 2 days, I felt like I was on the streets all day long running around. Today, I'm at home, not going anywhere, and getting some things done around the house.

Thursday afternoon, I went to my friend's house. A much needed trip, indeed. Kayliana and her son hung out and played together. Addison was by mommy's side the entire time practically. Sometimes she'll play really well with the two of them and other times she just wants to chill out with me and Heather and the babies. Tristan started to smile a LOT this day so Heather got lots of smiles from him that day. I FINALLY got a picture of it too (see day 5/365). It was so nice catching up with her. We used to fight ALL.THE.TIME. I can't tell you how many falling out's we've had. We started talking again June of 2009 and we've been friends ever since without any falling out's. We've both grown alot so now when we finally get to catch up with each other after a month or two, it's really nice.

Headed home and had Three Brothers (A restaurant I've never eaten at crossed off of my Day Zero Project list) for dinner.

Later that evening, I wanted to try to see if I could take all 3 kids out in public by myself. Now, I had Willie come with me just in case. I wanted to be able to call in reinforcements if there was a problem. I did everything by myself. I drove, got the kids out of the vehicle, dealt with a crying hungry Tristan and 2 fighting kids that were crawling in and out of the stroller, all while continuing to shop at Target. I think I handled it pretty well. I got a bit flustered and Willie just stood there watching.. LOL! Got them back in the truck by myself and even had to feed Tristan again before we headed back home. All in all, I could probably do it by myself but I certainly wouldn't prefer it. If I don't have to take all 3, I probably wouldn't. We bought Tristan a bouncer while we were there.

Friday, I met up with Heather at Walmart and did a bit of shopping. I took only Tristan with me and he was not in a very good mood. He does NOT like being in the carseat. Luckily I had a bottle made and was able to get him to calm down that way, along with his pacifier. I did have to take him out of the carseat twice though. He was just very tired and did not feel comfortable falling asleep that way. I think next time I take him somewhere and I'm alone, I'm going to put him in the sling but bring the carseat as well. I think he'd have slept in the sling if I had brought it with me that day. Later that evening, Willie and I went over to Heather where she so generously gave us a twin mattress and boxspring for Addison (Upgrade from toddler bed - upgraded a piece of furniture in my house - #58) and I bought (kinda) a glider off of her too. I had one with the other 2 kids but had to toss it out before Tristan came. I've already gotten him to fall asleep while rocking him in it 3 times since having it.

That pretty much sums up the end of my week. I also managed to get my computer organized the past few days (#75). Today has just been a day that I've gotten the girls room clean, organized and re-arranged and that is about it. Willie took the girls to his mothers house since he had some things to fix over at their house, and I got to stay here with Tristan. He's been sleeping so well since they left and the quietness has been nice.

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  1. The Best of Both Worlds Says:

    ALL.THE.TIME......I'm cracking up. It's def so nice to say we have made it this far and I love when we get together and hang out!

    Glad the things you got from me are working out also!!!

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