Day Zero Project

In no particular order what so ever.. here's my list

Start Date July 25, 2010
End Date April 21, 2013

  1. Read the Chronicles of Narnia Series (0/7)
  2. Save up enough money to buy a Canon 5d Mark II Camera
  3. Purchase a vehicle with 3 row seating
  4. Get my 3rd tattoo – one representing Tristan
  5. Complete a 365 day photo project (15/365)
  6. See Breaking Dawn in theatres
  7. Redecorate my entire house (0/7)
  8. Go to Disney World for Christmas
  9. Get on a normal sleep schedule (in bed by 11pm and up by 8am)
  10. Go back to school
  11. Visit a state I haven't been to
  12. Get my first pedicure
  13. See a broadway show
  14. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
  15. Open a savings account for the kids
  16. Create a photo book for each year for each child and get them printed off (0/3)
  17. Have a romantic weekend getaway with the hubby (no kids)
  18. Clean up our backyard and make it kid safe
  19. Kiss in the rain
  20. Get the girls scrapbook's to be updated and current (0/2)
  21. Get my credit card paid off
  22. Take the kids to go play put-put golf
  23. Go see a Cirque du Soleil show
  24. Breastfeed Tristan for a full year (1/12)
  25. Purchase a gym membership for Willie as a gift
  26. Create a photo calendar
  27. Get Chloe spayed
  28. Get family portraits done by another photographer
  29. Take scenery portraits and use them as d├ęcor in my home
  30. Do another March of Dimes walk
  31. Visit the beach on the East Coast of Florida
  32. Re-read the Twilight Saga (0/4)
  33. Own 2 more lenses than I own now (1/2)
  34. Start the 200 sit-up program
  35. Put Addison in preschool
  36. Find a gymnastics studio for Kayliana to attend
  37. Watch 10 movies I've never seen before (3/10)
  38. Upgrade my phone
  39. Turn Friday's into Family game night
  40. Get my nails done/manicure
  41. Go on a family picnic
  42. Try 3 new foods I've never had before (0/3)
  43. Eat at a restaurant I've never ate at before
  44. Do 6 sessions in a single month
  45. Knit 4 hats (0/4)
  46. Keep up with my blog on a weekly basis
  47. Read 5 books (outside of the series above) (0/5)
  48. Do something a bit different and radical with my hair
  49. Visit family atleast once a month (1/32)
  50. Take a photography class for fun
  51. Not drink soda for an entire month
  52. Get colored contact lenses
  53. Visit Luray Caverns
  54. Take a trip on the Skyline Drive
  55. Do senior portrait marketing
  56. Walk 9 miles a week for atleast 3 months
  57. Watch the sun rise
  58. Upgrade atleast 3 pieces of furniture in our house (1/3)
  59. Buy a new camera bag
  60. Sign up for NILMDTS 7/26/10
  61. Learn how to use an external flash
  62. Spend a romantic evening at home
  63. Find a giveaway to enter every month just for fun (1/32)
  64. Visit the dentist
  65. Don't cut my hair except for trimming for the duration of this project
  66. Buy myself a new pair of tennis shoes
  67. Create a professional photobook every 3 months of Tristan for the first year of his life (0/4)
  68. Donate any breastmilk that I have left in the freezer when I'm done nursing
  69. Influence atleast 2 people to make a Day Zero list (1/2)
  70. Go bowling with the kids
  71. Visit Disney with family members
  72. No fast food for a month
  73. Take the kids to a carnival or fair
  74. Give Tristan only homemade baby food puree's when he starts solids
  75. Get my computer organized
  76. Get up to date with backing up my files on CD's from my computer
  77. See atleast 3 movies a year in the theatre (0/3 year 1)
  78. Own a designer purse 7/27/10
  79. Get a minimum of 200 facebook fans on my photography fan page
  80. Go to a concert
  81. Make 3 new good friends that I communicate with on a regular basis (0/3)
  82. Visit the Central Florida Zoo
  83. Put up a small freshwater aquarium
  84. Bake something with the kids atleast once a month (1/32)
  85. Take a spontaneous road trip
  86. Get a new piercing
  87. Go jet skiing
  88. Get Willie to finish all the things that need to be fixed in the house
  89. Move to Florida
  90. Make the bed every morning for a month
  91. Get Baby (the cat) spayed
  92. Drink a bottle of water everyday (I'm really bad at this) (15/1001)
  93. Send a postcard to atleast 1 family member while on any vacations
  94. Eat no sweets or junk food for a week
  95. Get new glasses
  96. Whiten teeth
  97. Learn CPR
  98. Visit Hershey Park
  99. Donate Blood
  100. Take the girls to see their first movie at the theatre
  101. Blog about every goal I've completed from this list