Time to play catch up again

Today has been a very exhausting day! I haven't even done anything really and I feel exhausted. I so need to get myself on schedule. I've been staying up til 2 to 3am every night on top of getting up with Tristan about 3 or 4 times from 2am to 11am. The girls have been sleeping in lately so they are really only up for about an hour before I get up with Tristan, so Willie lets me sleep with him and attends to the girls for that hour. Ofcourse, when he's on a jobsite, Kayliana comes to get me with her normal words of "Mommy, I want breakfast." I don't know how she does it. I can not wake up and eat immediately before doing anything else. I have to go to the bathroom and wake up a little before I can shove food in my stomach.

Friday night we had a date night. We went out to eat at Famous Daves and did a bit of shopping. Saturday we went to go get paint for the girls room. It's going to be a pale yellow up top with a pink on bottom and a really light pink in between. Hopefully it looks good when it's done. We are supposed to be painting their room on Wednesday while Willie's mom watches the kids for a few hours. We skipped game night on Friday night but we did it on Saturday night instead. It was Addison's pick and she chose Candy Land. She won both games, so I think she really likes that game. Kayliana was kind of upset that she didn't get to win, but she has to learn that she can't always win things. Today has just been a day where I've tried to get laundry done. I picked up a little but wont thoroughly clean until tomorrow. If I thoroughly cleaned today it would just be a disaster again tomorrow evening and I'd rush around trying to get it all taken care of before my photoshoot on Tuesday.

Over the past week or two, I've watched 3 movies I've never seen before.(#37) I watched It's a Boy Girl Thing, Old Dogs and Keith. All were pretty good movies. It's a Boy Girl thing was pretty funny, as was Old Dogs. Keith is a love story and had the potential to be a tearjerker.

I have changed one of my 101 in 1001 goals. I had a goal to print off all pictures of each child and put them in a photo box(#16). I have since decided that I should change it to "Create a photo book for each year for each child". After receiving the books for Kayliana's first 2 years from Winkflash, I thought that was a better idea than to have a million photos laying around in a box. I can get them all printed later if need be. Plus both girls have a scrapbook that are still in the making too.

I also started the 200 sit-up program this past week (#34) Hopefully that works out well for me and I can tighten up some of this post pregnancy belly that's going on. AND, good news.. I found a gymnastics studio for Kayliana to attend (#36). Hopefully she likes it. It is a competitor studio and she will go all year long. Her first day, however, will be while we are gone. It will suck that she will miss the first 2 weeks of gymnastics but in the long run, I think she'll be okay. I will just let them know up front that she will miss the first 2 weeks since they start on a Tuesday, the 7th and we'll be gone that following Monday (the day her class is on). We are supposed to be signing her up on the 24th.

It feels good to be able to get some things marked off of my 101 in 1001 list.

Not too much excitement to post about in our everyday lives.

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