Okay, it's definitely time to do some catching up! I haven't done a personal blog in a few days, so it's about that time.

First, I'll start off with the weekend. It went really well, and we all had a great weekend. Friday evening after dinner, Willie and I took the kids to the pool. They had a blast. We weren't there very long though. My bathing suit is a bit... hmm, what's the word I'm looking for? Well, lets just say that sometimes I'm afraid I'll pop out, so I had us pack up and head to JcPenney so that I coul d buy a new bathing suit, something a bit more family friendly LOL! I love my new bathing suit though, I have to wear tankini's this summer to cover up all those bright red and purple stretch marks my adorable son left me. After that, we came home and we had our first official family game night (#39). It went great. Kayliana had her pick and she chose Disney's Scene It! Addison didn't want to play though, but she had fun watching us. This Friday, Addison will get to pick what she wants to play. We need to get some more kid friendly games though.

Saturday, we headed out to Virginia to spend some time with the family. We had my dad's truck for about 2 weeks, so we needed to go down there anyways so that we could return it. We spent some time swimming in Sam's pool at his house and just spending some time talking and playing with the girls. Kayliana refused to get in the pool, but Addison went in no problem and had an absolute blast. She is definitely my water baby. She was practicing swimming and I think with enough practice, she could swim on her own no problem (with floaties ofcourse). In the evening around dinner time, we headed over to my sisters house for a cook out. Hotdogs and Cheeseburgers.. yummy. We weren't there very long before we headed back over to Dad's and Sam's. We were there until midnight hanging out. I think my two were the only young ones that didn't get cranky and whiney near the end of the night.

We didn't do anything on Sunday. It was our relaxation day from our busy on-the-go weekend. I've been dealing with a super cranky Tristan for the past 2 days though. I am guessing a growth spurt but am not 100% sure. It's a bit stressful when you aren't totally sure what is wrong though. Had a guy come give us an estimate on what it would cost to replace 9 windows in our house. The estimate came out to be around $8K.. umm, no thanks, I think we'll just put on some extra clothes in the winter time.. LOL! I will do something else with that $8k before I put that type of money into this crappy house we live in.

Here are some Addison-ism's and a Kayliana-ism before I head off.


Me to Addison: Eww, you've got stinky toes 
Addison: No, I got happy toes

Addison: "Mommy, Kayliana piss me off" (I am pretty positive she was saying "push") LOL

There was a mosquito in the truck while driving and Kayliana asked what it was. We told her it was a mosquito.

Me to Kayliana: It's a mosquito, that is what all those bites are all over you.
Kayliana: Does it suck blood?
Me: Yes!
Kayliana: OUT OF PEOPLE?????

Some pictures

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  1. Helena Says:

    Your kids are so cute! I love the conversations at the end of the post. Adorable.

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