Weekend recap

This weekend was rather busy! Friday, Willie had to go out on a jobsite, so it was just me with the 3 kids. Tristan was VERY clingy. I couldn't manage to get anything done. As soon as I'd put him down, he'd cry. I would barely get my hands from underneath of him before he'd scream. I managed to get him in the sling for an hour just to work on something for a client. On top of that, it was just an overall bad day. My fat old cat, Jada, decided she wanted to paw paint my carpets. We've been painting the girls room and since I was in their room trying to get some stuff done, Jada came in stepped in the paint and ran across the house with pink paws. I was so mad and stressed out by the time 3pm rolled around. I also tried getting a picture or two of Tristan for his 2 months but 2 months old is very difficult. I don't think I ever want to do 3wks to 5mos ever again. LOL!

Then, Friday evening, we went out to dinner with Willie's dad and sister. All 3 kids did very well. I was extremely impressed with how well it actually went. We headed to Target afterwards, but they didn't really have anything I was looking for. Came home, and played Hello Kitty Bingo. Addison won once and then Kayliana won the next game. It's so funny to see their big smiles when they win.

Saturday, we headed to Carters and I bought a few shirts for the girls and 4 outfits for Tristan. They were having a 50% off sale, plus I had a 20% off coupon. I'm a Carters addict. I love shopping there. After shopping, we ate "linner" (lunch/dinner) with Willie's Aunt Kim and cousin, Erin. Food was pretty good. Definitely recommend the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. We hung out over at Aunt Kim and Uncle Lee's until about 11:30pm. We always leave there late, but the kids love it there so much.

Sunday (today) was pretty much uneventful. I managed to get a few things done around the house and we even have the girls room back in order so they are back into their room tonight. They've been camping out in the livingroom since Wednesday night. By the weekend we will have the decals up and hopefully my sisters artwork comes in handy. After it's completely done, I'll be taking pictures. I went shopping with Tristan at Kohls this afternoon. I brought him with me since I have no bottles made, and he would have needed to be near me if he got hungry. He was an absolute ANGEL! He slept the entire time in the sling. Man, I love my sling! I have got to get myself another one so I have one inside and one for the truck when we go places.

Well that sums up our weekend. Will have to get some pics up a little later when I get them resized for the web!

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