Top 2 Tuesday 8/10

Top 2 Tips
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Hmm, this one is hard for me, as I don't know too many tips to offer people.
Tip #1 - A Disney tip... when going to Disney, do not try to rush and do everything all in one vacation. It is nearly impossible to have a leisurely vacation and enjoy yourself if you are trying to shove every possible thing into one vacation. If you are staying more than a week, then you'll have plenty of time to get things done, but if your vacation is a week or less, just take your time with things and then come back another time and get to the things you missed with your first visit. If you go to Disney when it is very hot out, get to the parks early in the morning when they open. Take a break around lunch time by going back to the hotel, eating out of the park, going to the pool at the resort you are staying at, take naps and get refreshed, and then, go back to the park in the evening after dinner to finish out the rest of the park. You wont be stressed out on your much needed vacation this way.

Tip #2 -  Cloth diapering tip... if you cloth diaper and have hard water, rinse out your soiled diapers immediately before tossing them into your pail. This tip includes wet only diapers. Hard water is famous for leaving stink in your cloth diapers, so I highly recommend rinsing them out and wringing them out before putting them in your diaper pail. This will help to prevent the amount of ammonia that will build up before washing.

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  1. Helena Says:

    I've never been to Disney, and when people talk about it, it sounds like they were too busy to have fun. This tip is awesome.

    I'm stopping by from Top Two Tuesday

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