Day's 20/365 through 25/365

Had a date night with the hubby.. I drove. I don't drive very often when the two of us go somewhere. He had been on a jobsite that day and I was being nice by driving the hour to our destination. **Don't worry, I wasn't driving when this was taken

Game night! Addison chose Candy Land

Me.. absolutely exhausted from a very long tiring day.

My never-ending task! I tried catching up on laundry this day. Laundry is NEVER complete in my house. We never have less than 2 loads of laundry to do everyday. There's a boo boo on this picture. It says it's day 24 but it's day 23. Have to go back and fix that.

My strobe for my studio. Had my first photoshoot since being off of maternity leave

Started painting the girls room yellow and pink. The blue line is the tape. When it's removed, we'll paint a light pink in the middle. It's going to be one bright room, but I think once it's all together, it'll be pretty and match their bedding really well.

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