Say what??

So, yeah... today I learned that Kayliana does NOT start preschool with the rest of the county schools like I was told she would when we registered her back some months ago. Apparently they have a new director (which is always a scary thought AFTER you register your child) and they called Willie and let him know that her starting date would be September 7th! Umm, say what? We were supposed to be leaving for Disney World on the 3rd! No way in the world do I want her to miss her first week of school and miss 2 weeks of it at that. I was hoping she'd go for 2 weeks before we pulled her out for 2 weeks. I started frantically thinking about what we'd do and started looking for other date choices and resort availability. I was trying to book 2 weeks later than originally planned, but it turns out that we'd have to down-grade b/c all of the Moderate resorts were booked and we just don't have it in our budget to upgrade. That wasn't what I wanted to do, so I looked for the weekend after her first week of school and found the resort that we originally wanted to stay at available. We will be there 1 less day than originally planned but I don't think that will hinder our trip. So Kayliana will go to school for a full week and then we will be gone for 2 weeks.

We've gone from Disney World from Sept.3-10th to Sept.11-17th. We'll then head to my moms house for a week. We will have 3 milestones hit all while in Florida. Addison turns 3 years old, Kayliana will be 5 and Tristan will be 3 months old! My kiddos are growing up way too fast.

Unfortunately, I have to redo my entire itinerary and I'm not even sure that I am going to be able to get dining reservations this late in the game. Aaagghh! It definitely wasn't inviting news today.

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