Almost time!

In exactly ONE month from today, we will be in DISNEY WORLD! I'm sooo excited. I can not wait. The girls are going to have an absolute blast. We went there last year for their birthday and decided to do the same this year. It'll be the last year we actually go for their birthday though, next year we plan to go around Christmas time. If you haven't been to Disney yet, you have GOT to get there, whether you are an adult or child, I assure you that you will have a good time there.

I really hope that we are going to be okay managing all three. It'll be the first time that we go somewhere on vacation with all 3, and Tristan will only be (almost) 3 months old. It'll be an adventure that's for sure.

Today I had my 6week post partum checkup. It went well, though I never thought I was going to get out of the office. I have sucky insurance so our insurance didn't cover 95% of my pregnancy, so I had to make a large sum payment to them today. Talk about depressing! While I was there, this one chick just kept staring at me. I wanted to ask her if I had a boogie on my face or something. I hate when people stare, it is so rude and inconsiderate.

The girls and I baked some cookie brownies this afternoon (1/32 Complete - #84). They came out so yummy! This is where I will gain back all that weight. Just kidding, I have a husband who generally eats most of the junk for me before I get much of a chance to eat it myself. LOL! Since the kids helped, I'm sure they'll be wanting a fair share of them as well. I finally got all of my files backed up onto DVD/CD (#76) so all in all, today was a pretty good day. I'm content with how it's panned out thus far. Hopefully the evening is smooth sailing.

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