What a nice surprise!

Look who actually had physical contact with Tristan today!!!

How freakin' cute is that?? I was very pleased that Addison held Tristan without freaking out. I was so ecstatic that I couldn't help but cheer for her! LOL.

I have a session tomorrow with a 6 month old, and it's had me thinking a lot about Tristan's 3mo and 6mo photoshoots and ideas I have. I can't wait! I have to get Kayliana and Addison's yearly pictures done. I need to go buy some balloons or something and take them outside in a field or beach or something cute. Florida may be the perfect place for their birthday pictures.

I think the 200 situp program and my drinking water only mostly the past few days has really helped me with this weight. I was sticking around 128-130 outside of 1 week when I went down to 126. I've been around 126 consistently lately though, and I hope that keeps up. I still have that goal to get down to 125 and stay there. Tristan's weight seems to be consistent. He tends to gain about 2lbs a month. He has his 2 month appointment next week and I'm guessing he'll be around 12 1/2lbs. That will actually be about 3lbs in 1 month. I'm so proud of myself for his weight gain! Nothing better than knowing that you are the sole reason your baby is thriving so well.

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