Be a better parent challenge day 9

Be a Better Parent Challenge - Day 9 - Find your triggers

I realize I have a lot of triggers for my snapping at the kids sometimes. It can range from them just being whiney and clingy to feeling like I'm doing everything all on my own some days. Day's like yesterday and today with Tristan possibly having a growth spurt, you get frustrated very easily. When you've tried absolutely everything to please your child and nothing works, you get irritable and just snap sometimes. I usually end up yelling when this happens, and at everyone, even the hubby. I think when I get irritated, I have to learn to just back up, breathe, and step outside or drive around for a little while and let Willie take over until I've had a mini break. Lack of sleep is also a big trigger of mine in the mornings. I really need to start going to bed early so that when the kids get up in the morning, I don't feel so bogged down.

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