This week has been pretty busy. I had a photoshoot on Tuesday and it went pretty well but I missed the window of opportunity to get the 2 little cousins together. I had them come back today. I hate when my clients are disappointed, even if it's out of my control, so I'll do everything I can to make them happy. Today went ok. It's always hard to get 2 kids at the same time, especially when both are under 2yrs old. The mom is amazing to work with though. I really love her as a client and would love for her to come back when her daughter turns a year old since I've done her newborn and 6month portraits thus far.

After the session, we dropped the kids off at the mother in law's house and Willie and I came back to the house to paint the girls room. It's only about 30% done. We have another coat of paint to do, and then the decorating comes next. I've got decals for their room and I need to get their 16x20 prints for their room so that I can hang them up on their wall in their room.

But, I've been up earlier than I'm used to the past few days and I'm wore out. I should really be able to fall asleep much quicker than I do, but that just doesn't seem to be happening. Insomnia absolutely SUCKS! We have plans this weekend too so it's gonna be a really busy few weeks before we leave for Florida. I don't think our lives will become boring again until November.. lol! I think every week/weekend is jam packed full of stuff from now til the end of October.

Some pics to share...

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