Oh, evening time, how I love thee!! Have you ever walked around your house in the middle of the night in the pitch black, only to turn on lights and find everything you've done destroyed? The girls don't particularly care to go to sleep when they are supposed to. I had spent all day Saturday re-organizing their room, cleaning it and getting it all together. I even alphabetized their movies! Yeah, so much for that. All of their movies are now spread across the top of their toybox, and all of their toys are dumped over onto the floor. It's not like they were even playing with them, it's just like they decided to take revenge on the busy mommy who is sleep deprived and ready to pull out her hair. Ofcourse, I'm sleep deprived because I have insomnia, and apparently so do all 3 of my kids. To make the evening (or should I say very early morning) even better, I nursed Tristan and change his diaper and I go to pick him up after buttoning back up his sleeper and he pews all over himself, and then smiles HUGE at me. Almost as if to say "haha mommy, you have to change my clothes.. no sleep for you!" He's wide awake at 2am cooing and smiling at me. Ah well, you can't get mad at that cute little face with those pinchable cheeks.

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