Winkflash 60% off photo books

Until August 31, 2010, Winkflash is offering 60% off of their photo books.

I just received 2 that I ordered and they are pretty nice. I had lost all the original files for Kayliana's first 2 years of life, due to my fat butt cat jumping on our computer tower and breaking the computer. Hard drive is not able to be brought back up now. Anyways,  all I had were low resolution files that I resized just for the web. I figured that I would just put them in a collage book rather than Kayliana having nothing at all. I thought that a little distortion would be better than nothing. I ordered 2 books and just received them. Some of the bigger images are a bit distorted but I got a lot of smaller images and they look just fine. I take a LOT of pictures of my kids, so in one book I have about 120 images or so. They are all little images but I kind of like this idea better than printing out a bunch of 4x6's and having a million albums laying around. I ordered 2, one is Kayliana from birth to age 1 and the other is Kayliana from age 1 to 2yrs. I think while winkflash is having this sale, I will make them for the other 3 yrs of Kayliana's life, and 3 yrs of Addison too, and just use the low res files for them instead of digging out all my CD's and uploading the pics to my computer just to pull them off again.

Here's a picture of one of the books, they only cost me $5 and $6 a piece plus shipping

For this price, I would definitely recommend them.

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  1. Sharina Says:

    This is a good deal! Thanks for posting this, I am definitely going to check that out.

    Thanks for following my blog, i am now a now following yours as well :)

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