No joking

Man, don't ever joke with my kids telling my oldest that she is in charge and she's babysitting because both you and her daddy are leaving the house. All I did was go and get the mail, and I was joking that I was leaving too. At the same time Willie WAS leaving. They had tears streaming down their face by the time I got back inside. Of all people, I thought Kayliana would have atleast known I was joking!

Lastnight was absolutely rough for me. Tristan decided that he was going to wake up at 1:30am to eat and not go back to sleep til past 5am. I could hardly keep my eyes open and I had tried everything! I nursed, changed his diaper, rocked him, bounced him a little, put him in his swing, let him be alone. Nothing was helping. I has gotten to the point that I was just so beyond tired that I started falling asleep while holding him in the bed. I had to just let him cry a little because I was at my wits end on trying everything I could. After about 15mins of fussing and crying, I tried nursing him again and he went to sleep. I was so exhausted. I think I may have fallen asleep before he did. Willie had mentioned that I am not allowed to have sausage anymore. For some reason, coincidental or not, he is ALWAYS fussy after I eat sausage. I had a problem with broccoli once before with him, but everything else I'm ok to eat. Today, he's been happily sleeping in his swing for 2 hrs now. Man that *pink* swing is doing wonders.. LOL! I think we may end up having to purchase a travel one to take with us to Florida in September.

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