Stupid blogger templates

Do you have a blog hosted with blogger? If so, do you have major issues with some of the blog templates out there too? I have the biggest issues with them it seems. I'm always having to change it because something appears to go wrong after having it for a few days. I only had my previous template for like a day or two and then it screwed up on me and started doing funky things. So, I had to switch again. I can't wait until Willie has my wordpress blog taken care of so that I can switch and have a template that I actually enjoy. Speaking of which, the hubby didn't create it this time, I did. He's putting it all together for me, but I put the ideas together myself and created my own header. I like it alot so I can not wait until I'm capable of using it and blogging from there instead of here.

Anyways, lets see how my day has gone. Wasn't too bad actually. I woke up kind of motivated so I was able to fold some laundry, clean up the livingroom and vacuum before I settled down. The kids weren't overly bad today, but they sure made up for it this evening. I went into their room after I put them to bed and I found Addison curled up in a ball on the floor with Kayliana kicking her with both feet. I was so furious! She got in trouble big time! Addison was laughing, but I am NOT okay with Kayliana's behavior, whether Addison wasn't getting hurt or not at that point in time. I do not think that Santa is coming for Kayliana this year! LOL!

I've been planning some marketing tips for my photography business. I have a few ideas that I'm going to attempt later on this year. Hopefully next year since I wont be pregnant, taking care of a newborn, or going on a family vacation til the end of the year, I will be able to focus on getting my name out there again and marketing myself. Speaking of vacation.. I have ideas of where we are going for the week we are in Orlando, but I have yet to figure out where exactly we will be on each day. My mom, stepdad and maybe my siblings will be going to SeaWorld with us. Then we want to hit the "Worlds Largest McDonalds" one day when it's a *downtime* day. I know we are spending an entire day at Magic Kingdom, and a day at Animal Kingdom. We'll probably hit Magic Kingdom twice, but I know at night we'll be hitting Epcot and Hollywood Studios as well. We wont spend much time at Epcot or Hollywood Studios since there isn't much to do there for the kids, but I figured since we have park hopper tickets, we might as well go and do the few things they can do and to see their night shows. After we spend a week in Disney we are supposed to be going to my moms house. The kids absolutely adore my stepdad. He is like a big kid with them and gets down on the floor and plays with them, and the girls LOVE him. They are going to be so excited to see their "Paw." Hopefully while we are down there I'll be able to get some family portraits done by another photographer and I will hopefully be able to take my own of the kids. I want to recreate one of the images I did when Addison was only about 7 months old and Kayliana was 2 1/2. I loved that picture, so I want to see if I can get another just like it now that they are older. From my understanding, the beach Willie and I got married on has pretty much washed away. When my kids are older, I guess I'll get to point out to the Gulf of Mexico and tell them "We got married out there somewhere" LOL!

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