Recapping the weekend....

Friday night, Willie and I decided last minute that we'd drop the kids off at his moms house for a little while and we would go out to dinner. We were only gone for 3 hrs, but it is always nice to just get out of the house and do something with just Willie. We don't have any alone time right now since Tristan sleeps in our room. I don't even think we've hugged more than a handful of times since Tristan was born, so walking around the stores holding hands and talking to each other without a child interrupting our conversation is always a treat! We had Applebees for dinner and then we went to Ross, Blockbuster, Best Buy and Target. I got this amazing cute purple chair as a photography prop. I plan to take Kayliana and Addison out one day for a photoshoot with it. I also bought Tristan a cute blanket while we were at Ross. We looked around Blockbuster and Best Buy but that was about it. At Target, we used our gift cards that we had to buy Kayliana a new game for the Wii since she's been playing it so frequently lately. Ofcourse, you can't buy for one and not the other so we bought Addison a doctor barbie doll, a Sleeping Beauty toy thing, and a baby doll. Addison's 3 things were still cheaper than Kayliana's Dance Dance Revolution Wii game that we got her.

Saturday, we headed towards Virginia for my nephews birthday party. It was good to see a few people I haven't seen in awhile and Kayliana had a blast. Addison was a little loner though and tended to stick around Willie or I the entire day. The kids were playing on a slip and slide and she said that she didn't want to play on the slip and slide because she'd fall down and she didn't want to do that. LOL! What a cutie she is. Tristan slept really really good while we were there. I wish he'd sleep that good when he's at home.

Sunday was a day that I wanted to get quite a bit done around the house. Unfortunately, it appears as though Tristan is going through a growth spurt so I've been feeding him all day long and dealng with all the fussiness that comes along with a growth spurt.

Tristan has his 1 month doctors appointment tomorrow (Monday, 7/26). I'm anxious to see how much he is weighing in at now and how tall he is now too. Although, according to our Wii fit, he has only gained 2oz this past week, which is way less than what is normal. Hopefully it's not a bad sign. He's definitely getting bigger though, and today, I've officially taken all of his newborn stuff out of his drawers and put them away. He's now strictly in 0-3month clothes.

The other day, Addison was playing in her room, and she has a Snow White barbie doll and the 7 dwarfs. She had her Snow White barbie laying in a bed and had the dwarfs standing around the bed. She's totally role playing the movie! She was then later rocking her baby doll and singing it to sleep with a lullaby. For a 2 yr old, she sure can carry a tune. She'll be my little singer of the family. She says some of the cutest things too. Coming back from VA yesterday, Willie told her to close her eyes and go "night night" in the carseat and she said "No, I want to go night night in my bed". She makes me smile!

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