Being a mom to a newborn

I sure don't have a lot of time to do a bunch of updates or much time online being a mom to a newborn. Luckily, the girls are pretty independent until they are ready for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the occasional asking of a drink and snack. Kayliana and Addison play so well together (most of the time) that it gives me more time to take care of Tristan.

Speaking of Tristan, it seems as though he is very much a high needs baby. He likes to be held and will hardly sleep without being held. I actually had to take the shirt I was wearing today off and then stick it underneath of him so he'd stay asleep without me holding him. I needed to get some things taken care of around the house and I certainly can not do it while holding him. I could always put him in the sling but sometimes it's difficult to still do certain tasks while having him in the sling. He seems to be doing well with the breastfeeding, and it's hurting me a lot less now. He has gained more weight since last week, so he should be well above his birth weight by now. I'll have his stats tomorrow since he has his 2 week checkup at the doctors tomorrow afternoon. I will update tomorrow on how his appointment went. Hopefully the doctor wont make me feel like a horrible mother again!

We have begun potty training Addison... sort of. I know I said I wasn't going to, but the cloth diapers are starting to get WAY too small on her on the highest rise settings and I am not buying disposable diapers for her. We have pullups, and she does wear them at night time, but we've been putting her either in a pullup during the day or underwear. We've been doing this for a week now so she is strictly off of diapers. We've had a LOT of accidents. She'll go a little bit before she gets to the potty and then not go on the potty, change her panties and then go a little bit more. We did have a successful pee on the potty last week, but she never did it again until today. She had a successful pee on the potty today and she was extremely ecstatic about it. She was clapping and laughing and you could just tell that she was very proud of herself. It would be nice if she'd keep this up today and eventually completely potty trained, but I still have a feeling we'll be going through a few weeks of trying to potty train her before we are mostly successful.

We didn't go and see fireworks for the 4th of July. Tristan is just a bit too young for all of that. We did end up taking the girls to the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC on Saturday (July 3rd) though. They really liked the mammal exhibit. It was my first time breastfeeding in public (with a cover ofcourse) and it went pretty well. I haven't mastered feeding him in the sling though, so I actually had to go outside and sit in the shade and put on my nursing cover to feed him. All of the kids did pretty good considering the girls only got about 7 hours of sleep. Tristan was not happy in the carseat though. Reminds me of how Addison was when she was a baby. I didn't take many (well, practically none actually) pictures since both of the girls were in the stroller most of the time and Tristan was in the sling for most of the time as well.

My long skinny-legged boy

The  girls on the way to DC

Random pics throughout the week

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