Tristan's 1 month

Today Tristan had his 1 month doctors appointment. He got one shot and was really good about it. He cried for a little bit but was pretty much done crying when I picked him up and cuddled him. We came home and he fell asleep and he's been asleep for 2 hrs, most of which I haven't had to hold him. Looks like the doctors appointment wore him out. I asked about reflux and since I'm breastfeeding there isn't much I can do and he didn't prescribe me any medicine for him. He told me to give him some rice cereal by spoon mixed with expressed breastmilk but he wants me to do it after every feeding and wanting me to mix it with atleast an ounce or two. Umm, I can hardly pump an oz a DAY let alone try to get enough for an entire days worth. I'm going to keep track of his weight though and if he's not gaining much then I may have to use some formula mixed with cereal to give him after he eats b/c there's no way that I'm going to be able to pump that much every single day along with exclusively breastfeeding every 2 to 3 hrs during the day. I don't know.. we'll see how it goes and I guess I will make the right decision for us in the end. Either way, I'm not giving up on breastfeeding.

The doctor also stated that he had a slight hernia on his belly button and that it wasn't bad and would go away on it's own. Looks normal to me so I dunno about that one. LOL! Everything else looks really good. He's getting so big! Here are the rundown of his stats....

Birth - 7lbs 1oz 19.5in
3 days old - 6lbs 7oz 19.25in (Dunno how he shrunk)
2 weeks old - 7lbs 14oz
5 weeks old - 9lbs 11oz 22in

Yep, he's 9lbs 11oz and 22in long today according the the doctors scale. He's gained over 3 pounds in 4 weeks. That's a really good progress. He said whatever I was doing to keep it up :D

I bought the girls new matching bedding today since they share a room. Kayliana originally had Dora and Addison had purple butterflies. So didn't go together, so I got both of them new stuff. It's not as pretty as I'd like it to have been but it was one of the few things I could find that was within budget that I could find in twin and toddler sizes. The girls love it though, and that is really all that matters. We will be painting sometime in August and have it all done with decor and decals by the time we leave for Disney World in September. This is one of their birthday gifts.. to have their room done in big girl material! When it is all finalized, we'll take a picture to show everyone.

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  1. Sarah R Says:

    Andrew had reflux too. We didn't try thickening or anything -- gave Zantac a try but it didn't help much, plus it's weight dependent and I was sick of continually upping the dose and he hated taking it. Since he was also gaining weight (if he'd puke up his whole feeding, I'd just feed him again), I just waited it out. He grew out of it completely by 7 months, and it was improving prior to that.

    Prop him up for at least 30 minutes after feedings. Andrew didn't get a lot of floor time because it just seemed uncomfortable for him.

    He's a healthy fellow now! ::hugs::

  2. Heather Says:

    Good to hear! I may not do anything as long as he is gaining. The doctor didn't offer us meds though. I usually hold him while he sleeps anyways, and if I am not holding him, he's in his boppy or papasan while he sleeps. Sometimes it comes back up after about an hour or two though. I've also learned that side-laying in bed to feed is NOT good

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