So proud

Today, I got a good glimpse of how proud I am of my family!

Today, I had Tristan's 2 week appointment. He had to get his PKU done and when they pricked his little heel he screamed bloody murder and turned purple. My poor little snuggle bug. They weighed him and he is 7lbs 14oz. I am so proud that he is nursing so well and gaining well. Here's a little glimmer of how he's done for weight.

Birth - 7lbs 1oz
3 days old - Lost nearly 10% of his birth weight and weighed 6lbs 7oz
2 weeks old - Not only got back up to his birth weight like doctors like them to be by 2 weeks, he gained even more! Weighed in at 7lbs 14oz

I think that is wonderful growth for him and for me! Makes me feel so much better about everything! The doctor said his weight gain was amazing, and that overall he is doing very good, super healthy and that he looks perfect!

Kayliana has been playing on the Wii for a few hours today. We don't generally let her play too many video games. It's probably been months since she's actually played, so I figured while it is 100 degrees outside, she could spend her day playing the video games. Willie put it on for her, and I'd normally say it's time to turn it off after a little while but she's been playing for about 4hrs now, maybe longer. She's getting a pretty good workout from it though. LOL! She's so smart, and knows how to get around it really well and does so well with all of the games.

I'm so proud of Addison today! She's been using the potty more frequently today. She's been in panties all day today and we've had a few accidents she is already showing a huge improvement from yesterday. I think she is finally starting to get the hang of it. She is excited about being a big girl! Maybe she really will be potty trained by 3yrs old. That would be wonderful! Might make our Disney trip a bit tricky if it takes her a couple more weeks to fully understand it though. Either way, I'm proud of her progress!

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