Contractions Galore

Between lastnight and today, I've had contractions galore. Nothing painful, and nothing consistent or regular. Well, some have been a little painful, but nothing compared to what real labor is like. I have a feeling this baby is going to be past due and that not only will I have back pain and pelvic pain, but I'll also have painful contractions that wont do anything for me. If I have this baby on or before June 29th, I will truly be surprised.

I was reading about doing the necklace/pendant test over top of your belly and how if you put it over your heart it should turn in circles for you being a girl, then put it over your belly and it'll go in circles if you are having a girl or up and down or side by side if you are having a boy. I was surprised to see that it actually did go in circles when holding it over my heart, and it went up and down over my belly - indicating a boy. This and the chinese gender predictor says I'll have a boy. I'm anxious to see if it's right, and ofcourse, Willie thinks I'm retarded. The chinese gender predictor was right with both girls.

I did contact a "psychic" for fun for an overview. Just something for fun, nothing I really believe, especially after the information she gave me. Here is what she had to say.

I am seeing you having another girl.

When it comes to your daughter, they show her having lighter hair color as a younger child and loves to have it long. Shes the one that loves to wear dresses and twirl around to show you how pretty. she loves anything with
stripes and is always really graceful. Shes someone who loves to throw tea parties, and is often bringing her dolls everywhere she goes. I am seeing her as someone who Loves dolls and is always asking for more. She will actually have her whole bed covered in dolls with her if you let her.

Shes someone who is easy to please and make happy. I am seeing her as someone who really loves anything and seems to be someone who when older actually really loves the 'older" stuff. Shes someone who is thrifty, really
good with money> Even when given money for her birthday would rather go out and head to a place to buy a doll that is not brand new so that she has more money to spend. Shes always really good with money, and is often someone who
can show her friends how to save and plan for a better financial picture.

Shes got a good sense of humor and can certainly "roll with the punches' Someone who has a goal in mind and if someone else is not on the same path as her, knows when its time to part ways. I am seeing her as someone who
does not like clutter and is always highly organized as she gets older.
Out of everyone in the house she has the room that is the most clean (although I do see her sharing her bedroom with her YOUNGER sister).

When it comes to career paths, they show her working in an accounting position. I do see this linked to working within a financial institute. I also see her having her own business and online blog that helps teach families how to save and plan for the future (I actually see her getting to be on TV!) When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 23. They will have one boy and one girl of their own.
With that said, I emailed her back and told her it sounded like my oldest daughter, but she stands by me having a girl. I don't see this being anything close to being about this baby, especially considering I am NOT having another after this one, so I wont be having another for "her" to share her bedroom with "her" younger sister.

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