Tiring Day

I'm exhausted! Addison woke up at 3am this morning coughing and choking. Apparently she was very congested and her face was really red. I ended up getting her to take some Motrin since she has a fever now. I double checked on Kayliana, but no fever to be found since yesterday morning. Addison on the other hand has had one all day today minus getting it to go down with some Motrin.

We did end up going to soccer practice, but ofcourse, Kayliana had to be the strange child that she is, and cried when getting her team portrait done so we will not have a team photo of her from her first soccer season. Luckily, being a photographer, I'll be able to atleast get her in her soccer uniform and do my own trading cards and stuff as well with her. She has this thing where she will not even play soccer unless she thinks we are gone and have left. We tried hiding today but it didn't go well and I think for the first 15 minutes she just stood there. We ended up walking some more and eventually getting across the other side of the field without her seeing us and then she started to participate. Atleast I know that taking her to school in the fall for a few hours and us leaving her will not be a problem.

So much has annoyed me today though. The girls keep spinning around in Willie's computer chair and I have yelled at them numerous times to get off. They've already fallen out of it a hundred times. I'm about to throw the chair away and Willie can sit on the floor for work. LOL!

Pampers is also irritating me! I understand that they don't want people to bad mouth their company about their new product within their diapers causing burns on baby's bottoms and all, but there is no reason that Pampers should be bad-mouthing those that cloth diaper. We are not to blame for their poor decision in their product line. I'm banning Pampers from my house just because of how they are handling the situation. No pull-ups from Pampers overnight for Addison and definitely no infant diapers for when I first bring the baby home and use disposables for the first couple of weeks. Looks like my business will go to Huggies, or even off-brand companies. Not so sure why this bothers me so much, but it does.

On a good note, Willie is supposed to be buying paint for the baby's bedroom tonight. Ofcourse, he needs to get his butt out of bed and get to Lowes before they close first. Haha! But, I'm excited to finally be working on the baby's bedroom. I can not wait to see how it turns out when I come home from the hospital with the baby and get to see it for the first time.

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