Moody Monday

Well, not really a "Moody Monday" but certainly a tiring one. I didn't sleep well at all lastnight. I was probably awake every hour to two hours. Between having to get up and go to the bathroom and the coughing, getting any sleep was practically impossible. Though, I did notice I felt so much better after I took some zyrtec. I wonder if the cough is related to allergies at all now.

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty decent though, so I decided to go ahead and do some in studio maternity portraits. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked atleast 1/2 of them. Willie didn't do so bad taking the portraits for me either. I'm hoping to be able to get outdoors to do some outdoor maternity portraits just for a change and because I have yet to get a chance to do someone's maternity portraits outdoors, but if it doesn't happen, then atleast I have SOME maternity portraits of my last pregnancy.

You can view more on my photography blog if you wish.

Oh, and today, I received my battery charger from Dell today. My old one had a octagon shaped plug in, the new one has a round one. We didn't think it would fit, but it did. Turns out, Willie's laptop battery charger ALSO fits. All week long I could have used my laptop but didn't because I didn't know that it would fit in my laptop. Stupid of dell to make them shaped differently. But, I'm using my own laptop now and I don't feel lost and confused.

Received a cocoon today for my studio as a prop. It's a turquoise color and I can not wait to try it on this little baby once it's born. I love getting mail, especially if it's fluffy mail (cloth diapers) or mail specifically for my photo props.

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