Disappointment... that is what my weekend was full of. Today, was no exception. It's never a good sign when a police officer rings your doorbell at 6am. I wont go into details but you'd think that after I've had so many "friends" screw me over in the past that I'd stop letting them borrow things from me. I have learned my lesson for the last time. I will never let a friend borrow something of mine no matter how bad their situation is. You never know who will surprise you with the things they can do. I guess the terms "trust no one but yourself" really rings true.

To make matters worse, I woke up hardly able to walk. On top of a sore pelvic bone, the baby thought it would be cool to give me sciatic pain at the same time. Poor Willie, he had to help me in the shower since I couldn't put any weight on one of my legs without collapsing pretty much.

I'm looking forward to the week though. I'm hoping that it ends much nicer than this past week has. I will be getting my hair done, hopefully having lunch with a friend, and I have my doctors appointment this week. Not to mention, I should have some "fluff" mail (aka cloth diapers) arriving to me this week. Fluff mail is always exciting to me, and since Addison LOVES choosing which diaper she wears each time, I'm sure she'll be excited about one of the items that should be arriving this week.

Despite the bad weekend, I'm keeping my head held high and hoping for the best.

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