Playing catch up

Let's see here. The week hasn't gotten too much better, but it hasn't been awful either. Bad things come in three's right. So, either my kids being sick count, or I'm still waiting for a bad thing to happen to me.

Tuesday I didn't do much during the day. I did end up going out to dinner with a good friend of mine and her friend. Originally the kids were going to come with me, but with them being sick, I felt it was best to leave them home so that they didn't get anyone else's kids sick.

I also turned 34 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, which means as of today, I only have 40 days left until my due date, and less than TWENTY days until I'm considered full term. It sounds like a lot less to say how many days left than it does to say how many weeks left because in reality, I still have 6 weeks left before my due date.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a hair appointment in the afternoon so the hubby got stuck with the kids again yesterday since I was practically gone all day long. The above belly shot picture was taken on Wednesday, so in that picture you can already see my newly cut and dyed hair. You can tell in the picture from my dinner night with my friend how long it was before and how much darker it was too. It's really short, way shorter than I have ever had it, and it's pretty blonde though pictures don't let it appear that way. Willie hates the short hair but loves the color so atleast it's not a total loss for him. Being 8 and 9 months pregnant though, this hair cut will be much easier to deal with than having long hair. With long hair and being hot, I have a tendency to want to put it up into a ponytail but with it being this short it wont go into a ponytail, but it's hardly touching my neck so the heat shouldn't be much of an issue.

After I had my hair done, I hung out with my dad and talked to him for a little bit and then went over to my sisters house and hung out with her for a little bit too. I got home right before the girls went to bed. Oh, and before I left for my hair appointment, my battery charger decided to sizzle and take a crap. So, I am out of a laptop and am currently using Willie's. I feel lost since all of my pictures, documents and programs are on my laptop. Hopefully within the next week I have my new charger in hand.

Today, I have a doctors appointment to go to in the late afternoon. Outside of the pain I've been having, nothing has really changed with that, so I imagine it'll be a quick doctors appointment. I will update later this evening with my appointment details.

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