Yesterday did NOT start out well. It was Kayliana's last day of soccer and she didn't want to play. She was going to get a medal and everything at the end of her practice too. We ended up leaving since she was just clinging to Willie, and the coach did give her her medal but I was so angry with her that she wouldn't play her last day. I'm not sure if I'll be putting her in it next year because I am definitely not spending $100 for her to just sit there and cry. We'll see when spring starts again. Maybe school will push her into not being like this. I wasn't in a very good mood since I had gotten up at 6:30am again yesterday, so that didn't help at all. Later on in the day, we went to the in-laws for Willie's little sister's birthday party. The girls were bratty and moody the entire time we were there. I thought they'd pass out early, but that didn't happen. I was just happy when the day was done and over with.

Today is an uneventful day. The kids are in better moods, so that's a relief. They seem to be feeling a bit better too. I'm still coughing and sneezing like crazy though. Not sure how much of mine is allergies though since this is about the time allergies hit me pretty badly.

Willie never did work on the baby's room like he was supposed to last weekend. He IS actually in there today though working on it. I have to admit, the not knowing is really starting to get to me now. I think the reason is because I seriously think I'm having a boy this time around and I've used nothing but he/him and the name Tristan when referring to this baby. I have not used she/her or Marina and if I am having a girl, I want atleast a few weeks to get used to the idea and using she/her and her name. I'd be happy with a girl or a boy either way, but my intuition is screaming "BOY!" and if it's wrong, I'd atleast like to prepare myself for that. I'm not caving in though. I'll continue to not know until the birth of the baby but it'll be hard to get used to the idea of another girl if it's not a boy since I've been thinking and saying boy for almost the entire pregnancy.

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