A little bit of everything

I forgot to mention that the other day, I had gone to my friend's, Heather's, house. She just had a baby girl back in the beginning of April. Kayliana loved this little girl. She asked to hold her and everything. She's going to be absolutely ecstatic when her little brother or sister arrives.

Lastnight, Addison was eating a banana and she came up to me and said "I took the yoyo off." Yoyo means yellow. I thought it was cute and funny! She meant the peel but I guess because she didn't know it was called a peel she called it the yellow.

Willie did finally buy the paint for the baby's room but he has yet to start painting. I'm not sure when he'll actually start on it. I wanted it done by June but that is definitely not going to happen. We don't have any plans this evening or tomorrow morning/afternoon so maybe he'll work on it then. He had mentioned that I was washing clothes too frequently because he no longer has room to put stuff in his dresser. The problem isn't that I'm washing too frequently it's that he has more clothes than most females do. He certainly has way more than I do! He had said that one way that he could get rid of some of the clothes is to do the painting in some of them and then toss what he got paint on. Then he said "Or, I could just paint naked!" LOL! He'll have the room closed off when he paints since he's the only one that knows the gender. The things Willie says sometimes crack me up.

Hopefully it'll be a pretty good weekend. I can feel my allergies hitting me, starting with my throat. I'm hoping Zyrtec helps significantly, but so far it hasn't. Might have to get some Claritin and start switching between them.

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  1. The Best of Both Worlds Says:

    Come on Baby!!!

    & you had my favorite for dinner!!! Mmm Mmm.

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