Schedule needed

We are in some serious need for a normal schedule. Here it is, past 11pm and BOTH of the kids are awake right now. Kayliana gets up pretty early, and neither of the kids nap, so you think they'd still be sleeping before 10pm. Once the baby is here, we will definitely be getting on some sort of schedule and I'll be making the kids get up early even if they are grouchy and have some sort of routine going for each day as well. Besides, it'll be good to get them on a schedule and everything and it'll be good for Kayliana to get used to a schedule right before she starts pre-school. Quite frankly though, right now, I'm just too exhausted and in too much pain every day to worry about it until after the baby is here. I know that sounds lazy but I don't know what the baby's schedule will be like either and I don't want to start something just to have to change it again in a few weeks.

Addison is laying here, bugging me to rub her back. This is something I've had to do since she was a baby. She very rarely can go to bed without her back being rubbed. Don't get me wrong, I love that she cuddles. She's definitely my cuddle bug, but sometimes I have other things I need to take care of (like now, I should actually be washing the cloth diapers). And, it would be so much easier if she'd actually stay still while trying to rub her back.

It looks as though I might have some work coming my way here shortly. I work for an outsourcing company of some sorts when they have work to do, and we've been idle with no work for over 2 months now. Any little bit of money will help since we have our Disney trip planned for the beginning of September. We'll have the money to pay for it regardless, but me doing this extra side work will let us put our regular income somewhere else (bills, debt, clothes for the kids, etc). And, it appears that my last session will be sometime in June before my birthday if that pans out. After that, I'll just be doing everything I can to help me go into labor. Regardless of the pain, I can totally see me walking a mile to 3 miles in hopes that it helps cause labor. LOL!

Not much happening this week though, the weeks are starting to slow down for me. I just want them to hurry up and go by so that I can meet my little boy or girl.

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