Weekend is over!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Ours wasn't so bad, pretty good actually.

Friday we didn't do anything, just lounged around the house. But Saturday, I did a bit of cleaning around the house. Willie did too, that was a surprise! LOL! His dad was in town so we met up with him and Willie's little sister for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. The girls did fairly well at dinner time and didn't act up like they sometimes will. After dinner, we went shopping around for something else for me to wear during the end of my pregnancy but I had no luck finding anything at all.

Sunday was my older sisters birthday. She was having a few people meet up at Gilligans Pier and Willie and I thought it would be nice to make an appearance. We dropped the girls off with my mother in law and headed down that way. It was pretty packed and we had to ride the "short bus" to get there. We were going to eat dinner there too so we put our name down and they told us it would be a 1 to 2 hr wait and took Willie's phone number. We hung out outside on the sand listening to the band and catching up with some people that I haven't seen in awhile. I can't believe how many people didn't even recognize me because of my hair. Even my own sister walked right by me. LOL! It was so hot out there though, and I could feel my feet swelling so I grabbed some water and just tried to stay hydrated. After an hour and a half of not hearing from them about our dinner table, we went back and asked for an update and they gave our table away saying that they called but no one answered. Apparently the phone call didn't go through. They told us that we'd get the next available table, so we waited about 10 minutes, watched them clear off a table and give the table to someone else. After that, we decided to just leave and go get dinner elsewhere since it was about 6:30pm and the last time I had eaten was 10:30am that morning. I needed to get food in my system. By the time we got on the bus, my feet were so swollen and even turning purple. It was probably a good thing we left when we did since the heat and standing for a few hours was definitely getting to me. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was really good. It was Willie's first time going there and he was pleased.

Later that evening, I had a few contractions in the middle of the night but nothing too bad.

Memorial Day was good. I woke up in the mood to go and do something. I talked Willie into taking the girls to the beach at Flag Ponds. We couldn't find our beach umbrella so we went to Kmart and Walmart looking for one along with a few other items that would be helpful at the beach. We stayed for close to 2 hrs and the girls had an absolute blast playing in the sand and water. It was definitely hot but having that beach umbrella for shade and the cool (but gross looking) water helped me to stay cool. It's a pretty good hike to and from the beach and Addison did not want to walk back to the car. I was smart enough to bring my mei tei sling and put her on my back. I'll tell you what though, having an extra 30lbs on your back when you are 9 months pregnant and walking UP hill the entire way back was definitely killer! My legs were hurting since it's practically 60lbs extra I was carrying with me than I'm used to (30lbs of a toddler on my back and almost 30lbs of weight gain from this pregnancy).

We got home, gave the girls a shower, showered ourselves and Willie went out to get dinner. While he was gone, contractions started in. They were about every 5 to 7 mins for about 5 hrs. They weren't painful, but were uncomfortable. In the middle of the night, I woke up around 2:30am and had contractions, somewhat painful, for 2 hrs every 3 to 5 mins apart. I was able to fall asleep and real labor never did kick in. Today, I'm not feeling so great. I'm more than ready to have this baby!

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    Hahaha your 150, 9 months preggo Im only 10 less than that normal(whoa)

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