Still sick

I'm still sick! It hasn't been fun. I've tried taking Robitussin but it hasn't really helped. Unisom is helping me sleep at night for more than a 1/2 hour at a time but now, today, I'm so incredibly tired. I hate that Unisom makes me groggy all day the day after I take it. I've been lucky enough to not catch a fever with this thus far. My cough is starting to be productive too.

This weekend wasn't so bad despite being sick. Saturday we went to the pool. The girls absolutely loved the water. I was surprised to see that Kayliana wanted to go down the water slides ALL BY HERSELF and that Addison didn't want to go down them again after the first time. Last year was total opposite. Kayliana would absolutely refuse to go down the slides and that is all Addison wanted to do. We have season passes, so I know we'll be there quite a bit this summer. It was nice to relax in the water too even if it was just waist down. My upper back got burnt so that is going to be nice dark and tan while the rest of my body looks super white.

Schedule is still in the works. Tomorrow we start a more strict schedule. Nothing too strict but a normal everyday routine with just about the same things going on each day. We'll probably end up going somewhere (pool, park, etc) once on the weekend and twice during the week. I have the pool and a park for during the week this week, but that really all depends on what the weather does too. I'm also thinking of the zoo on Saturday for my birthday with the kids if it's not overly hot out.

We've also started Addison on real big girl cups. We've taken away her sippy cups so I guess this is her first big step to the big girl world. Potty training is something we'll work with when she turns 3. I really do not want to try that right around the time the baby will be born because I really do not want her to go backwards. Not too worried about having 2 in diapers since I cloth diaper and alot of the diapers I have are One Size so they'll fit both Addison and the baby. So far, though, she's doing great with the cup. We are only filling it up about less than 1/2 way to get her used to it but so far she's been pretty good with it. I need to get some reusable sports bottles for the kids so that I can take those with us rather than sippy cups.

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