It's a boy!!!!

After being admitted around 6 to 7pm on Friday, June 18th, I continued to have contractions that were irregular. We called Willie's mom to let her know that we were being admitted and I had him call my dad to let him know that I was being admitted and officially considered to be in active labor. I want to say that it was around 10pm that I was told that the doctor wanted to give me pitocin since my contractions were so far apart. They started the pitocin and my contractions became more regular, stronger and closer together. I think they upped my pitocin 4 times before checking to see if I made any more progress. When the doctor checked me, I was only a 7, they let me labor for another hour and then I was told that I was going to have my water broken. I was told that I could get the epidural if I wanted and that the contractions that came after my water was broken would be much stronger and more painful. I wanted to have a natural birth from the get go and the fact that I was on pitocin to make things progress was something I didn't want, let alone the epidural too. I told her that I wouldn't get it before my water was broken and that if I felt I needed it afterwards, I'd let them know. That was probably my biggest mistake. Little did I know how much things were going to get worse for me once my water was broken. IMMEDIATELY after my water was broken, my contractions were about 10 fold and the pain increased significantly. I think I only went through 15 minutes of those types of contractions before I was in tears and told Willie that I couldn't do it, that I had to get the epidural if I wasn't making any changes quickly. They checked me again and I was still at 7cm, so I got the epidural. It took quite awhile before the epidural started to kick in, and when it did, my blood pressure dropped significantly. I started feeling nauseous and tired and felt very short of breath. I was given epinephrine to try to stabilize my blood pressure and put on an oxygen mask. It took about an hour for them to stabilize me. Once I was stabilized and more consciously aware of the things around me, I told the nurse that I felt a lot of pressure. The nurse called the doctor in to check me and I was complete and ready to push. I pushed for about 15 minutes and out finally popped my little baby boy!

Tristan Lee James was born on June 19th, 2010 at 3:04am at 7lbs 1oz and 19.5 inches long. He cried a lot, way more than my girls ever did. The doctor wasn't happy that I was going into labor at 38 weeks originally but when she heard his weight she said that had I gone to full term I probably would have had an 8lb baby or bigger so she was kind of glad that I ended up going at 38 weeks rather than 2 or 3 weeks out. Tristan is absolutely perfect. I've had some issues with breastfeeding but he's eating enough it seems and has had plenty of wet diapers so they are not worried. Hopefully we can fix our issues and get it to work well for us. My recovery has been pretty good! I have had NO edema like I did with the other 2 nor did I tear or have an episiotomy. Right now, Tristan appears to have light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Yes, out of 2 girls and 1 boy, the only child that was born with any amount of hair was my boy!!

He was circumcised today, June 20th, 2010. Right now, I'm in the hospital and both of us are doing so well that we are headed home today, a day early than they originally would. We are waiting for him to have his hearing test and a PKU test done before we can head home.

I feel bad that the girls have been away from us for so long though. Kayliana is absolutely IN LOVE with Tristan. Willie said that yesterday when he took them home to pack them up, bathe them, and take care of the pets that Kayliana kept telling him "I miss mommy and Tristan". I can see she'll be by my side a LOT. Addison is still in denial I think. She wont hold the baby but DID sit next to him and Kayliana yesterday. I hope she warms up to him soon! She's definitely jealous of him. Hopefully she doesn't convert to a Daddy's girl since I'm the one bringing a new baby in the house (in her eyes).

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  1. Deb1211 Says:

    What a ride Heather..I'm so happy for you and I must say, having 2 girls and a boy is a wonderful thing. My boy is a Mommy's boy..but we did have some jealousy and the girls did go to Daddy when Mommy was busy with baby.

    Have fun and enjoy!! Can't wait to see all the great pics you take of Tristan

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