36 Weeks

Not much has happened the past few days. It's been a pretty uneventful week thus far. Willie started painting the baby's room yesterday evening and I think he plans to finish up this weekend. He also needs to go get the dresser for the baby's room too. We'll probably even be installing the carseat this weekend as well.

I woke up lastnight coughing nearly constantly and was up every half hour. I got pretty much no sleep and Willie got up at 6am when I was up coughing up a lung. He went out and was an awesome hubby and picked up some Robitussin for me since I can't take much else while pregnant. I'm pretty sure it's bronchitis. Had a low grade fever earlier but took some tylenol and it seems to have gone back down.

Yesterday, we also started the kids on a schedule. I am not being too firm with it right now simply because I'm not feeling well and because I want them to get used to one thing at a time. I cannot take the girls going to sleep at midnight and 1am anymore. Kayliana will still get up by 9am and Addison wants to sleep until noon. So, we've decided to start a schedule for them in hopes to get them sleeping sooner and awake sooner (Addison atleast). They will get their movie/tv down time at 8:00pm, but by 9:30pm they are in bed. Lastnight it wasn't so bad. It took Addison about an hour to fall asleep but being asleep by 10:30pm for her instead of 1am is a huge improvement. Hopefully it works out in the end.

I had my 36 week appointment today! Nothing really exciting to report. I had my GBS test and I guess if something is wrong, I'll know by my next appointment on Thursday, the 10th. I gained more than I'd like in the past 2 weeks. I gained 4lbs, so about 2lbs a week the past 2 weeks. I'm now at 150lbs (WHOA). Blood pressure was normal, and the heartbeat was in the 140's. I was checked and I am not dilated and am about 50% effaced she said. So no progress even though I have been having a lot of pressure and contractions. I also found out that the doctors office does not do checks unless you ask. I probably wont ask next week, but I'll probably ask at 38 weeks if I haven't gone into labor by then. I don't think this baby is coming early or on time though.

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