Top 2 Tuesday - 8/24

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences

#1 - Shopping.. anything and everything. You wont see me in high heels made by Manolo or fancy designer jeans. I'm pretty casual and I'm content with a tank top and jeans if I do my shopping, and some flip-flops ofcourse. My shopping habit lies within my kids though or within my photography business. I actually hardly by myself anything, but I am always buying new photography props and always buying my kids something. Biggest indulgence would be kids clothes! 

#2 - Disney Vacations. I like to make sure we get the best possible deal we can and that the kids get to see everything they could want to see in the period of time that we are there. I indulge myself in the planning process and what we need to bring, where we are going and at what time.

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  1. Ms. Emily Ann Says:

    I can't wait to go to Disney again! So much fun! And I am a shopper too... but I try to keep my actual purchasing habits in check!

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